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Prodigy has provided IT consulting and solution delivery to organizations both large and small for over 10 years. We are fully accountable for the both project management and solution delivery. With a workforce of 50+ staff we provide high business impact services in both project & program planning and application delivery & support services.

Eight Keys

to Getting the Right System

Business Fit
Ensure that your system fits with your business. Will the new system enable or disable the key success factors in your business? What is your need for flexibility vs rigid processes; customization vs standardization; superior service vs low cost; data capture vs speed of service? Business architecture can provide the answer.

EXPÉRIENCE Appropriate Technology
Do you need the cutting edge? Will it provide benefits or is it just hype? Are you committing to a technology that will be difficult or expensive to maintain? What are the training implications? Are staff available? How will it fit with your other systems? Solution analysis and business case development will ensure benefits.

RELATIONS Defined Requirements
Invest in developing proper requirements whether waterfall or agile. Elicit -- don’t ask. Challenge and discuss don’t simply record. Capture the end requirement. This doesn’t need to mean hundred page documents but users, developers and QAs must agree on what is to be built. Requirements analysis is key to setting and meeting expectations.

Program Planning
Think through the whole process of defining, developing, testing, migrating, implementing, using, maintaining the new system. How to involve the users? Who has the final say? How to transition? What changes in business processes? Experience program planning provides the integration and coordination between technical and business staff.

PRÉSENTATION Project Management
Project management is more than updating a Gantt chart. It is anticipating, dealing with and solving problems. Project managers need to understand both technical constraints and the impact on business processes and operations of the new system. A talented project manager is key to on-time, on-budget, on-requirement system delivery.

Structured Development
With both agile and traditional development structure is needed. You need to ensure that the code is developed in a way so that it is functional, efficient, maintainable and expandable. These are the key characteristics of “enterprise” level code. Modern coding techniques are essential to creating a system that will last for years. A talented, experienced and educated team of developers is essential.

Quality Assurance and UAT
Testing a system before implementation both with professional QAs and with users is critical to ensure that the system will not hinder or even cripple your business. While this is typically a 25% project cost, not doing it could cost you 100-1000% of project costs in rework and lost business. Proper testing with the ability to delay implementation when required can be a business savior.

How is the old system data to be migrated? What business processes must change? How are users to be trained? What about future users? Is adequate documentation in place for later maintenance? What is the fall-back plan? Planning and managing the last kilometer is no place to relax.

Are You an Organization Looking to Implement New Systems?

Project & Program Planning

Un Arrêt Dotation

  • Business Architecture & IT Strategy
  • Solution Analysis & Definition
  • Business Case Development
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Project Management

Solution Delivery & Application Support

  • Solution Architecture
  • System Integration & EAI
  • Custom Development
  • QA Planning & Execution
  • Application Maintenance

Prodigy is dedicated to doing it right:

  • Experienced, senior staff in management.
  • Talented and innovative delivery team.
  • Relevant industry expertise on every team.
  • Strong project, quality, risk control processes.
  • Integrated QA processes.

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