Business Architecture


Business Architecture is the organized description and analysis of a business, its strategy, operations, processes and capabilities that
provides a common understanding and framework for aligning strategic objectives and tactical and operational demands and decisions.

Business Architecture articulates the operation of an organization in terms of its strategies, structure, business capabilities,
business processes, and business information.

The business capability is "what" the organization does. Capabilities are a source of strategic differentiation
and focus on what the enterprise should execute.

The business processes are "how" the organization executes its capabilities. A business process is a collection of related,
structured activities or tasks that produce a specific service or product (serve a particular goal) for a particular customer or customers.

Business Architecture captures the key aspects or dimensions of the business in a common language.
Typically, this includes strategies and objectives, key lines of business, customers, areas of operation and processes.

Scope of Activities

The scope of Business Architecture activities is generally focused on:

  • Definition of Portfolios
  • Gap Analysis and Prioritization
  • Development of Current and Future States
  • Transformational / Roadmap Plans

Work completed in other domains are value added and not normal Business Architecture services

Inputs, Models and Outputs

Prioritization, Dependency Analysis and Sequencing


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